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  This is  a  8 week old  dark sable colored havanese puppy
with white markings.
The sable colors change the most from puppy to adult.  Look at the color of  his eyelids (the light hair
growing around his eyes) this is a good indication of what his adult color will end up as. 

This is  a  red sable parti colored havanese, (parti color meaning the color on her back is broken ) and the sable is the red with the gray running thru it.   Sables can come in all
variations from red sable , gold sable, dark sable, to a combination with a parti color or irish pied. 

This is Hannah, she is a very beautiful gold sable.
Yo can see the black in her ears, the black is permanent in her coloring, showing that she was indeed a sable at birth.  

A sable colored puppy shown at birth, again at  2 weeks of age and then at 4 weeks old.
Note that around her eyes continues to lighten from week to week, at 4 weeks of age you can see what color
she will most likely end up as when she becomes an adult (looking at the hair around her eyes).   The white marking will continue to stay white through

It is important to say that sables change the most from birth to adult , but I have found that the gold sables retain
their coloring through adult, (as in the picture of Hannah above) she was this color as a puppy except for the black that ran through
her sable as a puppy.   The black lightened on her back, eventually just turning gold as the rest of her coat.
Also it should be noted that different bloodlines do different things, some do not lighten much and retain allot of color, there
for a breeder needs to do a research, knowing what to expect out of their dogs.    also some bloodlines fade way out , almost ending up a off white color. 

This is  Ted E Bear, he is a red sable.   His sable coloring has gotten more pronounced as  an adult.  As a puppy he was a light golden/red sable and continues to slowly darken.   Not all havanese
do this, that is why it is important for a breeder to know their  bloodlines.  

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