parti color
dark colors
irish pied
pied bald

dark colored havanese

dark colors are the blacks, chocolates and havana browns

This is beautiful little girl is a coal black havanese,
with just a tiny bit of of white on her chin.  

 A black havanese puppy that will stay black as an adult is born completely black with no red tint or brownish tint on  the fur.  A puppy with the reddish or brownish tint will turn a silver or steel blue by adulthood.
As you can see in the following picture of the little girl (my granddaughter) holding the 3 puppies. 
Both Katie and and Jenny have
a brownish tint to them. 
This is not to be confused with a  chocolate or a havana brown, it is a puppy that is born black that will turn silver by adulthood.  In the following pictures of the girls, you  see Jenny and Katie at 8 weeks of age with the silver coloring coming in at the roots of her hair.
Also a very indication of a silver adult dog,  at 4 weeks of age, silver hairs start coming in on the pads of their feet.
Hard to believe it is the same puppies, from 5 weeks to 8 weeks of age.

This cute little guy is a black and tan irish pied, what a beautiful boy .