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pastel colored havanese

pastel colors are the white, through cream and peach colors

This great little guy  (Scooby) is a white havanese puppy with cream colored ears.   As an adult he would still be white with the cream colored ears.   Little or no change here.

This sweet little girl is Mia, she is a white havanese with cream ears. 

This is my Billy, he is a cream and white havanese shown here in a full naturally thick havanes coat.   To see more of Billy, please check out his page Billy
where you will see Billy is one of the top havanese in the country for 2007.  He  will be attending the Eukanuba National Dog Show in December.   What a beautiful havanese dog he is. 

This group photo, although not very detailed, but  shows Minnie as a puppy (she is the one in the middle, third from either side) you can see she was not a sable color as a puppy, no black or gray running through her coat.
She also was not a cream, she was definitely a medium solid red color.
She is definitely what I would call a  pastel color.
You can see as an  adult she is a beautiful golden peach color.   This color has stayed through out her entire lifetime, never lightening and a beauty to look at.   Ok , had to include another picture ,

  this is Minnie as a mature female.   You can see she never lost her coloring and is pretty as a picture.   She is not a cream, I would call her coloring a peach color (definitely a beautiful pastel color).  

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