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This is Billy, he has been working for the past  8 months
to qualify for an invitation to the Eukanuba National
Championship Dog Show, to be held Dec 1st, and 2nd.

Most dogs work 12 months to get an invitation, but Billy has
accomplished this in only 8.   I am so very proud of Billy.
He is a very beautiful havanese who has a  long natural
coat that is so very thick.   This naturally thick coat is something
that Billy is passing on to his offspring. 

Billy is available for  stud service
to approved females.
Billy has his first litter of show puppies on the ground, up and ready for the show ring .  We are happy to announce that all puppies in the litter are of exceptional quality , with expectations of them being as good as their father (Billy) if not better.

Do you wish to make your havanese bloodlines the best they can be?   Billy can do that for you, he is a beautiful havanese dog  with a long full coat.   Billy will add coat to your puppies,
as well as all other areas of the havanese breed standard.  He is a beautiful dog and has become a crowd favorite.   Look for him in the show ring in the Florida area as well as the AKC/EUKANUBA National Championship in Dec 2007.

A special note of our handlers, Jimmy and Mary Dwyer.
I owe a special credit and thank you  to Jimmy and Mary for  investing the time into Billy and knowing  we could make him into something great.   Anyone can have a great dog , horse or anything else for that matter .   But without the proper knowledge of knowing how to campaign the animal, no one will ever know what you have.  
Jimmy and Mary have done that for us, by taking Billy from a small  town in Iowa (that nobody had heard of) and showing him to the world.
 Also they are wonderful groomers who have spent countless hours on Billy's coat keeping him in top condition.    
Thank you Jimmy and Mary.

Best in show winner at the International Dog Show held October 13th, 2007 in Florida.
Billy took a group #1 in the first show and if that wasn't good enough, he took a  group #1 in the second show followed by BEST IN SHOW.
, will post photo's when they become available.   :)

The following day at the International show held October 14th, 2007 in Florida, Billy took another group 1 followed by Reserve Best in Show.