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                             CONTRACT FOR HAPPY TRAILS HAVANESE

Marlene k Nolting  

2169 174th trail
Pisgah Iowa 51564



Marlene K Nolting sold AKC registered havanese (color)________________________ male/female puppy to

new puppy owner
city , state. zip

 puppy was born_______________________________
out of AKC registered litter  AKC#________________________________ Puppies AKC# is _______________________________ and is sold with limited/full registration.  
Limited registration means the puppy is AKC registered and comes with it's AKC papers to insure you are receiving only a purebred puppy.  Limited registration means the puppy is being sold as a pet. not for show or breeding purposes.  It does not mean the puppy has something wrong with it, it simply is the way we prefer to place our puppies, into homes as a pet, how lucky for them.    If the puppy is sold with full registration is also will come with it's AKC papers and will be perfect in everyway.  It will                                                                                                      sire of puppy ________________________________________, AKC#_________________________            
  dam of puppy _________________________________________,AKC#________________________

The puppy will be seen twice by my veterinarian before leaving my home and will be issued a health certificate.     The puppy will have it's first 2 series of puppy shots consisting of Vanguard plus 5,  at 6 and 8 weeks of age.   The puppy will receive deworming of Nemex II at 4 weeks and 6 weeks of age along with a fecal test for parasites before leaving our home.

The puppy will be shipped with _____________________________________on _____________________ at a cost of _____________________________.

The cost of the puppy is $________________ plus shipping charges of    $______________, we only charge the actual shipping charges.   The puppy carrier, health papers, shots,
deworming and vet visits prior to leaving are all expenses  which will be paid by Happy Trails Havanese.       
A deposit of $500. is required to hold a puppy with the balance due before the puppy leaves our home.                          

The puppy is guaranteed against any genetic health problems until _______________, two years of age.      Genetic health problems include items such as heart problems, legg perthes disease, kindney/liver problems,, juvenille cataracts ect....     The havanese is a very healthy breed, but just like people,  things can happen.                          
Should a problem be found, you must notify me by phone or mail, send me a copy of the vet records which must state  it is a havanese, (sorry I must mention this, but since I only breed havanese I can't cover terriers, cross mixes and such).
The parents of this havanese puppy are healthy and have been seen regularly by my veterinarian along with their yearly cerf exams by Dr. Betts at Iowa State University.         
In the event of a genetic  health problem, per the owners discretion, the puppy would be replaced or vet expenses paid by
Marlene K Nolting, not to exceed the purchase price of the puppy,  

All puppies sold at Happy Trails Havanese are AKC registered, you will receive you AKC papers along
with you new puppy.  This insures you that you are receiving a purebred dog.           

Happy Trails Havanese est. 1997
This contract does not transfer from
person to person.

new puppy owner

Marlene K Nolting, breeder/owner of
Happy Trails Havanese

dated this ____day of ______________, 20___

dated this_____day of _______________, 20___

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