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One of our girls, here at

Happy Trails Havanese

Happy Trails Zoey, she is a beautiful havanese female that is always ready to please, she has that here I am and I am ready now personality.  

Zoey is a sable and white parti color havanese, she is not for sale she is one of our havanese family here at Happy Trails.

If you are looking  for puppies for sale, please follow
the puppies for sale link above.

Havanese dogs have that I am ready now to follow you everywhere personality.

A  havanese dog will never turn into a old dog, they stay in the happy, playful puppy personality their entire life.  

A good example of this is Zoey, she thinks she is a puppy  and spends  allotof time playing with the new havanese puppies .   When a new litter of havanese puppies are born here at Happy Trails Havanese, they will be born in our bedroom.   Zoey will always show me when we are getting close to baby time, she will sit on the foot of my bed keep a watchful eye over the situation.   Our havanese puppies are ready to move into the kitchen around 3-4 weeks old.   Our puppies will stay in the kitchen until they are ready for sale, at 8 weeks of age.  

If you are looking for a havanese puppy for sale , please feel free to drop me an email or even call me, Marlene at 1-712-648-2150.

Call Marlene at 1-712-592-3525  or email me at
for more information.