Our Favorite Pets

Carter , my sable and white parti colored havanese male

This is Carter, our sable and white parti colored havanese dog.   Carter is full of coat, very thick and full lustrous havanese coat that is soft as silk.
Carter is busy being a  therapy dog at our local nursing home, you should the residents faces light up when  Carter walks through the door.  What a joy to get to share him in this way.
Carter is a beautiful boy, with perfect scissor bite, correct conformation, beautiful eyes and weighing 10 pounds.
Carter, always happy, tongue hanging out happy to see you personality!. 

havanese dog for sale

Carter temporarily blind from all that hair  !

havanese dog havanese
Carter at 8 months of age

havanese dog playing
picture taken at 8 1/2  months of age 


Biscuit as a puppy , when she was
5 1/2 weeks old.

Biscuit, one of the girls here at Happy Trails Havanese.
Biscuit is now in Hungary with Krisztina and her family
as part of an international breeding program.

I am very excited about this breeding and am sure Biscuit
will do a very good job in Hungary.

to see Biscuit in Hungary, follow the link

Pictures below are of Biscuit, taken in August 2007 before her trip to Hungary.

Biscuit a very intelligent, calm havanese girl.
Pictures below are of Biscuit's parents.

This is Biscuit's mother, Fancy

This is Biscuit's father, Chunk.

Fancy, our parti colored havanese girl

  Fancy, our blue and white parti colored havanese female.   She has a perfect coat, long, silky and flowing.   She was born a blacka nd white parti colored hvanese and by the time she was 6 weks old, she was getting silver around her eyes.  
You can see in this picture at the show, she was getting brown/rust colored on her black on her face.  
It was obvious that she would have color changes throughout her life.


Picture taken at 6 weeks, it seemed that just overnight her black around her eyes turned silver and later on around a year they darkened again,
even getting some brown/rust colors.
Fancy is a very beautiful havanese, on top of that, she is so smart.  I clicker trained her in about 3 minutes to sit, lay and stay.   She is also trained to get  a dollar out of my purse for cookie money.  She will bring me the dollar and I will then give her a treat!!

Fancy is 9 pounds, her mom is 8 pounds and her dad is 12.  We do our best to breed for havanese in the 8-10 pound range, we think that is the perfect size!
They are big enough to gte up the stairs and on the couch or your bed by themselves.

Sweet Little Hannah

Sweet little Hannah, this is our Hannah.  She is a beautiful sable and white color.  The sable color is very unique in the havanese breed.   The sable color in the havanese breed has black running thru it as a puppy.  Around 8-10 weeks old, the black hair change pigment at the roots, turning a golden.  With the first haircut teh black tipping will be cut off and gone forever, with theexception of the ears and tail, the black/grey will stay there forever.


Hannah is a pretty sable and white

havanese.   Note the black/grey color she kept in her ears.   Picture is taken in a full show coat.

This is what Hannah looked like as a puppy, note the black running thru her coat on her back.  The end result  as an adult is a beautiful golden with the grey/black in the  ears.

(note- puppy picture is picture to left)

Picture of Hannah in a puppy cut, note with the puppy cut how the white again shows up on her legs.  You do not see this with the show coat, since the golden on her back hangs over the white.



  havanese dogs
Zoey, is One of our girls, here at Happy Trails Havanese

Happy Trails Zoey, she is a beautiful havanese female that is always ready to please, she has that here I am and I am ready now personality.  

Zoey is a sable and white parti color havanese, she is not for sale she is one of our havanese family here at Happy Trails.

If you are looking  for puppies for sale, please follow
the puppies for sale link above.

Havanese dogs have that I am ready now to follow you everywhere personality.

A  havanese dog will never turn into a old dog, they stay in the happy, playful puppy personality their entire life.  

A good example of this is Zoey, she thinks she is a puppy  and spends  allotof time playing with the new havanese puppies .   When a new litter of havanese puppies are born here at Happy Trails Havanese, they will be born in our bedroom.   Zoey will always show me when we are getting close to baby time, she will sit on the foot of my bed keep a watchful eye over the situation.   Our havanese puppies are ready to move into the kitchen around 3-4 weeks old.   Our puppies will stay in the kitchen until they are ready for sale, at 8 weeks of age.  

Yogi Bear, our black havanese girl

This is Yogi Bear, she is a beautiful black havanese here at Happy Trails Havanese.

Yogi Bear has one of the most beautiful coats, he coat flows like silk and she is perfect in size, being just 8 1/2 pounds.  

Here at Happy Trails Havanese I feel like she has alot to give to the havanese breed.

Yogi Bear currently has a new litter of  havanese puppies.
They will be posted on the nursery page by the end of the month (Spetember 2005).  At the time of writing this the whole litter is available.  I don't believe in taking deposits on litters before a litter is born, too  many things can go wrong with a new litter.  Once the pupies are posted, they will be placed on a first come, first serve basis.  

Typical of the havanese color gene, you can never predict the color of a litter of havanese, since the havanese carry all color genes.  Yogi Bear has no black puppies only parti's, and sable parti's.
Who would have guessed?

Yogi Bear ,she is  always happy , bright eyed and ready to please..  

A black havanese puppy is of course born black.   At 8 weeks old it is possible to tell if the puppy will lighten to a silver or steel blue by adulthood.  Silver hairs will come in on the pads of the feet and then it will lighten around the eyes, continuing throughout the coat until 2 years of age.
Love havanese, they are not only the cutest puppies on the web, they melt your heart when you become a new havanese puppy owner !!    Check out our puppy page , for available havanese puppies !  

The Kid, parti color havanese show puppy

This is the Kid, son of Billy (AKC/Eukanuba National Dog Show qualifier).   The Kid is a beautiful black and white parti male, a image of his father.  To see his fathers page, click here Billy.

The Kid is full of personality, happy, funny and loyal all at the same time.  He is a nice size, being just 6 1/2 pounds and
8 1/2  inches tall at 6 months of age. 

The Kid will be hitting the Florida show circuit in January of 2008 with his handlers.

The Kid, stealing a leg from the Halloween monster
in the entry way.   What a hoot he is!