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On this page you will find helpful information for your Loganet connection. Please choose a category.

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Windows ME
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Phone numbers
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Tech Support Phone Numbers
These are voice numbers only, for dial-up access numbers please choose Access numbers at the top of the page

If you are calling from Logan, or if you have the extended calling plan and can call Logan for free, our number is 644-3578.

If you are in Missouri Valley or Nebraska, please call 642-4625.

If you are anywhere else, our toll-free number is 866-564-2638.

Sam's cell phone is 402-578-8528. Please feel free to call anytime.

All of these numbers have voicemail on them in case you miss us. Please leave a message and your call will be returned shortly. (We may be out on a high-speed installation or away for parts, etc. but we are never away for long.)


Mailing Address
Please mail checks or money orders to the following address (no drop offs please)
We also accept credit cards!

2607 220th St
Logan, IA    51546



Recently we have seen a large increase in the amount of these rogue programs showing up on some of our customer's computers. While these typically are not as destructive to your PC as a virus, they can cause just about as many problems, and can also be used to steal your credit card information, passwords, and even your identity.

I bought a program for my PC called Pest Patrol, and it's worked really well for me. (As a side note, I'm very careful about what web sites I go to and what I type into web forms, etc. Still, my PC started running funny. I ran Pest Patrol on my PC and found 488 of these programs lurking on my PC.) I'm not endorsing it or suggesting that you should buy it, but if your virus scanner doesn't watch for these malwares (and most don't) you really should consider getting a program to help prevent them. If you go to Google and search on "spyware" you will see lots of information about spyware, and lots of links to programs to help clean it off your PC and prevent it from getting back on there. I think that the Pest Patrol program I bought was around $30.00, which is what most of them cost.

*Cheri has been using Ad-aware. This program is free and has been working well.
Click here to get Ad-aware from Lavasoft.

Spam (junk email)

As most of you probably know, we try very hard to stop as much spam from reaching you as we can without taking a chance on stopping mail you want. This is an option service to you. If you would rather us not do that for your account please let me know. It's very simple to exclude your mailbox from this protection.



Getting disconnected

There are several things that could be causing this. The most common is a setting in Outlook Express. If you are getting disconnected after you open your mail, this is most likely the problem. To fix this open your Outlook Express. Click on Tools at the top and choose Options. In Options click on the Connection tab. Make sure Hang up after sending and receiving is NOT checked. Click OK all the way out of the screen.

Call waiting is another culprit. If you have call waiting and it's not disabled, a call coming in will most likely knock you offline. Your connection will hang before it disconnects. To fix this you must call the phone company and ask for "disable call waiting", there is a minimal fee for this. Once you have added this feature to your phone service you can then tell your Loganet connection to disable call waiting. Open your Loganet Icon and click on Dial Properties. Inside Properties you want to check "disable call waiting" and make sure it has *70 listed in the box next to it. Click OK

Computer needs to be shut down
If your computer has been on for a long period of time (more than a day or two) it could be the reason you aren't able to stay connected or get connected at all. Your modem needs to be reset from time to time and the only way to do this is to shut down your computer (not safe mode and not restart, complete shut down). You will most likely see a better performance in other programs as well.

PCtel and HSP56 modems
These modems are known to have problems. There is an init string you can add that slows the modem down enough for it to communicate. To see if you have this modem go to Control Panel and choose Modems. You modem will be listed, if it matches the above this could be the problem. To enter the string click on Properties, then Connections, then Advanced. There should be an Extra Settings box. In there enter: n0s37=12 (that is a zero). Click OK all the way out.

Noise on your phone line
This is common with rural phone lines. It can be seen at any time, but usually after it rains or when snow is melting. If you hear static on your phone line this is most definitely the problem. Call the phone company and ask them to repair the line.

Can't see my username and password field on Windows XP

We have seen that XP occasionally will stop showing your username and password when you open the icon to dial. To fix this follow these steps.

Click Start, click Control Panel, make sure you are in Classic View, click Network Connections.
Click once on your Loganet icon, on the left hand side of the screen click Change settings of this connection
Click the Options tab.
Check the box that says Prompt for name and password, and then click OK twice.

Broadband isn't working

If you lose connectivity with your broadband please shut off your Airbridge, router and PC and bring them back up again. Make sure all three lights are lit on your Airbridge (it's OK for the blue light to blink) once you've powered it back on. If there are no lights, it's not getting power. Check the cable. If the green light is off (ethernet light) make sure the connection is complete on both ends of the cable. If this does not fix the problem please call us and we will help you get it going again.

Outlook Express won't let me view attachments

In Outlook Express, click on Tools and choose Options
In Options, click on the Security tab
Uncheck the box that says Do not allow attachments to be saved or opened that could potentially be a virus
click OK at the bottom
This is yet another stupid feature in Outlook Express (like hang up after sending/receiving). Along with this and all the security holes microsoft products tend to fall victim to, we recommend using Eudora as an email client.

Can I check my email while on vacation or at the office?
You can check your Loganet email from anywhere in the world by going to or
All you need is an Internet connection. Just enter your email address and password and you can view your mail via the web.


I need to change my access number for Loganet

If you've moved and you need to change your access number, follow these easy steps:

For Win 95/98
double click on My Computer
double click on Dial Up Networking
right click on Loganet, left click on Properties
change the phone number - list of access numbers can be found here
click OK

For Win ME
click on Start, choose Dial Up Networking
right click on Loganet, left click on Properties
change the phone number - list of access numbers can be found here
click OK

For Win XP
double click your Loganet Icon
click on Properties
change the phone number - list of access numbers can be found here
click OK

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