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Abby, a beautiful golden peach colored havanese puppy with white markings.
Abby has been sold, but please page down to see the other puppies who are available.

Sweet Little Abby,  one of our gorgeous havanese puppies from Happy Trails Havanese.
Abby, an adorable havanese puppy.   One of our favorite havanese colors, golden peach with white markings.   

Missy, a fun colored havanese puppy with a very sweet happy personality !  
Missy, a beautiful little parti colored havanese girl puppy for sale here at Happy Trails Havanese.
Missy, an adorable little girl havanese puppy with ahappy personality !     We have havanese puppies who will be ready in time for Christmas  !!


Josie, a very sweet and playful black parti colored havanese puppy !       
Josie,  parti colored  havanese girl puppy !  

Josie, one of the puppies for sale here at Happy Trails Havanese.

Kibbles,   , our gorgeous black havanese , with  a little white damond on the chest.

Kibbles, with a beautiful thick full coat,  sweet eyes and  happy , loving and sweet!     It can't get better than this...

Kibbles, a very fun loving havanese puppy .
  Take a close look at our puppies here, we have quality, top quality which is consistent with each gorgeous litter of havanese puppies.   If you are looking for a nice havanese puppy for sale, you have found the right place.  

Our little white snowball, she is white, fluffy, and oh so cute.   It looks at if some golden or tan will stay on Snowball's ears .      This little girl would make a very special best friend.     
Love white havanese puppies  

Cute havanese puppy for sale !
Jingles,  a beautiful peach colored havanese girl puppy !     Something about the pastel colors, they always seem so special.   Jingles, looks right at you when you talk, as if she understands every word.

Jingles, the peach colored havanese girl puppy ! 

Jingles, some call it red, some call it gold, some call it apricot !   To me, this is our peach colored havanese. .
.   This is a fun group of puppies, we have a great mix of colors and no two alike.   LOVE our havanese.

Max, a golden peach colored havanese puppy with white markings !

  Max, how he loves to play !

Max, a beautiful golden peach colored havanese puppy with white markings !  

Candy Kisses

Candy, a beautiful havanese girl puppy !!!

Candy, a golden colored havanese puppy !  Candy has it all, sweet dark eyes, beautiful fluffy coat and a gorgeous black nose !! 
If you wish to reserve one of our havanese puppies, please feel free to inquire by email or  you can call me.  Thanks and have a GREAT Day!   havanese puppies for sale!
Happy Trails Havanese has a new litter of havanese puppies for sale, they are OHH  so cute !    

Havanese puppies are one of the GREATEST things we have here on earth !   Havanese dogs meet you at the door every time you come home, they are always happy !   If you are not happy, your havanese puppy will work on you, until you are.   Havanese are absolutely wonderful, we couldn't imagine life without them.  

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If you are looking for a havanese puppy, please feel to call me (Marlene)
or email me and I will be happy to let you know what we have available.

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