SWEET LITTLE HANNAH, this is our Hannah.  She is a beautiful sable and white color.  The sable color is very unique in the havanese breed.   The sable color in the havanese breed has black running thru it as a puppy.  Around 8-10 weeks old, the black hair change pigment at the roots, turning a golden.  With the first haircut teh black tipping will be cut off and gone forever, with theexception of the ears and tail, the black/grey will stay there forever.


Hannah is a pretty sable and white

havanese.   Note the black/grey color she kept in her ears.   Picture is taken in a full show coat.

This is what Hannah looked like as a puppy, note the black running thru her coat on her back.  The end result  as an adult is a beautiful golden with the grey/black in the  ears.

(note- puppy picture is picture to left)

Picture of Hannah in a puppy cut, note with the puppy cut how the white again shows up on her legs.  You do not see this with the show coat, since the golden on her back hangs over the white.


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