Fancy, our parti colored havanese girl

at Happy Trails Havanese

  Fancy, our blue and white parti colored havanese female.   She has a perfect coat, long, silky and flowing.   She was born a blacka nd white parti colored hvanese and by the time she was 6 weks old, she was getting silver around her eyes.  
You can see in this picture at the show, she was getting brown/rust colored on her black on her face.  
It was obvious that she would have color changes throughout her life.


Picture taken at 6 weeks, it seemed that just overnight her black around her eyes turned silver and later on around a year they darkened again,
even getting some brown/rust colors.
Fancy is a very beautiful havanese, on top of that, she is so smart.  I clicker trained her in about 3 minutes to sit, lay and stay.   She is also trained to get  a dollar out of my purse for cookie money.  She will bring me the dollar and I will then give her a treat!!

Fancy is 9 pounds, her mom is 8 pounds and her dad is 12.  We do our best to breed for havanese in the 8-10 pound range, we think that is the perfect size!
They are big enough to gte up the stairs and on the couch or your bed by themselves.

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