Carter , my sable and white parti colored havanese male

This is Carter, our sable and white parti colored havanese dog.   Carter is full of coat, very thick and full lustrous havanese coat that is soft as silk.  

Carter is busy being a  therapy dog at our local nursing home, you should the residents faces light up when  Carter walks through the door.  What a joy to get to share him in this way.

Carter is a beautiful boy, with perfect scissor bite, correct conformation, beautiful eyes and weighing 10 pounds.

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Carter at 8 months of age.
carter havanese dog

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Carter temporarily blind from all that hair  !
Carter, always happy, tongue hanging out happy to see you personality!.  
havanese puppy

havanese dog havanese
Carter at 8 months of age 
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dogs havanese dogs
havanese dog

havanese dogs
havanese dog playing
picture taken at 8 1/2  months of age  

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