By using Loganet, you agree to all of the following provisions and conditions. Failure to abide by the rules will result in immediate termination of your use of Loganet and it’s facilities, with no refund for monies paid:

        You may use Loganet only for lawful and proper purposes. Resale, or use by any other parties, of network connectivity is prohibited. Transmission of any material:

                  (i) which is legally obscene, violates proprietary rights of third parties,
                  impairs the privacy of communications or is otherwise unlawful, or

                  (ii) which causes technical disturbances to the Network, or otherwise
                  violates reasonable regulations of Loganet Corporation (Loganet) or other providers
                  with respect to the Internet, is prohibited. It is prohibited to knowingly
                  engage in any activities that will cause a denial-of-service to any Loganet
                  customers, end-users, or other connected networks. Upon detecting any
                  activity which Loganet at its sole discretion determines to be in violation of this
                  policy, Loganet may elect to suspend or terminate without notice all or any
                  portion of a service provided by it in the interest of preserving Network

             Unsolicited Communications 

             It is contrary to the Acceptable Use Policy of Loganet for a direct customer, or for an
             Internet Service Provider customer to permit any third party, to use any Loganet service,
             directly or indirectly, for the purpose of unsolicited mass transmissions or multiple or
             inappropriate postings in a manner which, in Loganet's sole judgement and discretion, is
             abusive, offensive, inappropriate or unacceptable. Without limitation, any of the following
             activities constitute a prohibited use of Loganet's services:

             1. Posting or transmitting one or more articles, advertisements or other materials:

                  (i) to 10 or more unrelated Usenet newsgroups, forums including Internet
                  Relay Chat (IRC), electronic mail lists or other similar groups or lists
                  (collectively, Sites), or 

                  (ii) to any one or more Sites if the materials are off-topic according to the
                  charter or other owner published description of the Site.

             2. Sending any unsolicited electronic mail message:

                  (i) to 25 or more electronic mail users, or

                  (ii) to multiple electronic mail users in a manner which generates one or more
                  complaints from such users.

             3. Obtaining or attempting to obtain unauthorized access to any account or computer
             resource not belonging to customer.

             4. To engage in any of the aforementioned activities using the service of another Internet
             Service Provider, but relaying such activities through a Loganet computer account, or using
             a Loganet computer account or Web site as a maildrop or other means of compiling

             Upon detecting any activity which Loganet determines to be in violation of this policy,
             Loganet may elect to take any one or more of the following steps:

                  1. Provide its direct customer with twenty-four (24) hours notice of an
                  activity, during which period the direct customer must explain, cease,
                  remedy or correct the activity, whether the activity is being conducted by
                  itself, its employees, its customers or other third parties, to Loganet's
                  satisfaction in its sole discretion;

                  2. Implement technical mechanisms where available to block or prevent
                  multiple transmissions or postings using a Loganet service;

                  3. Suspend or terminate without additional notice relative to initial
                  twenty-four hour notice as stated above all or any portion of a service
                  provided by it;

                  4. Recover any and all costs incurred by Loganet or its upstream providers in
                  identifying, correcting or terminating prohibited activities under this Policy
                  including the levying of cancellation or termination fees;

                  5. Pursue any and all other remedies which may be available to Loganet
                  under law, equity, contract or tariff (or under the customary practices and
                  procedures of the Internet community); or

                  6. Take any and all other actions which Loganet determines to be necessary
                  or appropriate in connection with such prohibited activities.

Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP) . Terms of Service (TOS)
Your account on LOGANET is subject to the following: 

                       LOGANET's access numbers are only local calls from the cities where
                       we currently provide service. If you are placing a toll call to log-in, you
                       are responsible for paying any toll charges associated with that call.
                       Also, please remember that some calling areas attach a toll charge
                       to what you may think is a local call. LOGANET will not reimburse you
                       for any additional or incidental expenses incurred as a result of
                       making a toll or long distance call. 

                       User shall not transfer or assign this Agreement without the written
                       prior consent of LOGANET, which may be withheld at LOGANET's sole
                       discretion. Any such assignment without LOGANET's express written
                       approval shall be void and of no effect. 
                       There are no bots allowed on LOGANET's systems at any time. If you
                       don't know what a bot is, chances are you're not running one.
                       Processes left running while user is not logged in will be terminated
                       and your shell will be revoke. 

                       Users are not allow to spam other users via e-mail and/or posts
                       unrelated Usenet newsgroups and/or hire others to spam for you.
                       Doing so will results in your account being deactivated, period.
                       LOGANET will charge $500 and any other cost should you violate this
                       policy, due to the fact you have damage LOGANET reputation and
                       network. Furthermore, legal action will be taken should we deemed
                       necessary. Harassing, physical threats, stalking other users on the
                       Internet is prohibited, proper authority will be notify. 

                       User hereby agrees and understands that IN NO EVENT shall
                       LOGANET be liable for damages to User and/or his/her properties
                       and/or business directly and/or indirectly resulting from the use of
                       LOGANET's services, equipment, software, etc. 

                       User shall be in default of this Agreement if User fails to make
                       payment on this contract when due. In such event, LOGANET shall
                       have the right to temporarily de-activate the account until the
                       payments are satisfied by User. If no form of payment has been
                       made after thirty (30) days from the date the account was temporarily
                       de-activated, the User's account will be completely removed from
                       LOGANET's system, and LOGANET shall be entitled to a deficiency
                       judgement against the User. User agrees to pay to LOGANET all
                       costs LOGANET incurs to collect this debt, including all attorneys'
                       fees actually incurred by LOGANET. 

                       User hereby understands that he/she must be at least eighteen (18)
                       years or older on the date this Agreement is signed. If the User is not
                       eighteen (18) years or older, an authorized signature of his/her
                       parents or legal guardian is required. The parents or legal guardian
                       hereby agree and understand that he/she shall be liable for all terms,
                       conditions and policies specified within this Agreement. 

                       Users must abide by computer laws and any laws relating to the
                       industry whether regulated by the government and/or by LOGANET
                       Corporation. Activities such as interfering with network operations,
                       system security, or other illegal activities are not permitted. LOGANET
                       reserves the right to take necessary actions to correct the problem,
                       including reporting to proper authorities. 

                       Any violations by User of this Agreement will result in immediate
                       removal of his/her accounts from LOGANET's systems without any
                       prior warning. LOGANET reserves the right to make any changes to
                       this agreement at anytime. User will be notified within fifteen (15)
                       calendar days before the changes take effect. All sales are final,
                       no refund. 

                       If you need to cancel, please send in a written request, 30 days
                       prior to the date you want to cancel. It is required under our
                       guidelines and for user's security. Please include the following:

                       * Your Name
                       * Address
                       * Phone Number
                       * E-mail address
                       * Social Security Number
                       * Date you want to cancel
                       * Please sign and date the letter

                        Attn: Billing Dept
                        2607 220th St
                        Logan, IA 51546-0023

                        No refunds will be given if a customer quits prior to using all of the service they have paid for.
                        Refunds will be limited to an equal amount of service already purchased but not yet used.

                       Using LOGANET account for spamming, web space for adult
                       materials, hacking, and other illegal activities are prohibited. User will
                       be held responsible for any costs incurred related to the account
                       illegal activities such as spamming, pornography, network security,
                       etc. We highly recommend users do not give out their username and
                       password to anyone. 

                  By using LOGANET, you have agreed to abide by the above policy and regulations
                  and/or any regulations hereafter. Policy and guidelines are subject to change
                  without notice. If you have any questions concerning the guidelines above, please
                  do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you.

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