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Proxy Server
This enables you to achieve better performance when surfing the Internet.

Dialup Customers
These instructions are for Internet Explorer version 5 or later. (This will be most everyone)

Open Internet Explorer

Click On Tools, then Internet Options

Click on the tab that says "Connection"

You will see a section in the middle with a Loganet icon in it. Click once on this icon so that it is highlighted. Then click on Settings or Properties, whichever you have on your version of Internet Explorer.

Put a check mark in "Use a Proxy Server"

For the address, put in
(Yes, really. :)
For the port put in 3128

Click OK all the way out. That's all there is to it.

(If you use an earlier version of Internet Explorer, it's basically the same, except that "Internet Options" will most-likely be under "View" instead of "Tools". The instructions are the same after that.)