Parental Controls
Loganet now offers parental controls! Just give us a call and we will walk you through setting your web browser to be filtered. Our filter will help keep your kids off of web sites they shouldn't be viewing. We block nearly a half-million pornographic sites and update our blocker once a week! We can't guarantee 100% of the porn sites on the Web will be blocked, as there are new ones opening daily. But this will get nearly all of them. The domain and URL lists are updated frequently to catch new sites as they appear. Also note that this will not stop pornographic email.

Loganet now has it's own shop! Buy apparel and other goods at Loganet's Store. It's Geektastic!

We recommend using Eudora for your email program.  It's free and you can get it at

After you have downloaded Eudora, click here for set up instructions

Check your email while on vacation or at the office You can check your Loganet email from anywhere in the world by going to or
All you need is an Internet connection. Just enter your email address and password and you can view your mail via the web.

Get your 1st month Free 
Try Loganet for FREE.  No set up fee and your 1st month free just for trying us out.

Does your business need a web page? 
Loganet does web design!  You can also register a domain name and have it hosted on our server (

Want a personal home page? 
We give you 10 MB of disk space with your dial in access account.  Contact Cheri Morris if you would like to learn how to get yourself and your family on the world wide web!  Email or call 644-3578.

Having trouble using your internet connection? 
We will walk you through the installation and you will be connected in minutes.  If necessary, we will come to your home or business to get you started.  No charge!

Logan, IA 
Be sure to check out Logan's very own web site

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