Marlene's Farmers Market   ,
we are no longer breeding havanese, we are enjoying life with a few french bulldogs and back to my roots of growing fresh produce for the farmers market  !    Life is grand !!  

     A little about myself   We live in magnolia Iowa, in the beautiful Loess Hills .    Our farm has an abundant supply of water, with a creek running thru the middle.
We never intended to live here, let me explain.   In the spring of 1992 , both Tim and I had the day off from work.    Tim was browsing thru the paper and said there was a farm for sale in Magnolia Iowa.    For fun, let's go look at it.   Before I could answer, he was calling.   The elderly couple (Marion and Oran)
answered the phone.    They were excited to have us come and said they would have the boy's go for a walk.   Unsure what that meant, we made the hour drive from Waterloo Nebraska.  
     Traveling 5 miles out of Magnolia Iowa, we meet the boy's.  They are spinning in a circle yelling, don't hit the dog.    Guess we just met the boy's.  
Next we pull into the drive and meet the elderly couple , Marion and Oran.    Marion was tall, slim build and extremely kind.   Oran was a bit rough around the edges.     They offer for Tim and I to go walking on the farm by ourselves.    Giving up sparse directions, go north until you hit the second fence, turn right and follow the fence line until you hit the dirt road .   Should you hit another fence, you have gone to far.  

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