HighSpeed Internet Broadband Access

We are now taking orders for our high-speed wireless service. Please call (712) 644-3578 or email [email protected] to sign up.


*Note: Higher bandwidth packages are available if requested and prices for monthly service will reflect the higher bandwidth and faster speed accordingly. Installation charges will remain the same. Also, please note that our actual cost for parts for the customer premise equipment (the parts and modifications to your computer) are well over $200.00. So the installation price is below our actual cost thus representing a substantial savings to you, our customer

The following price is based on data transfer speeds of up to 256k download (data such as web pages or file downloads) coming into your computer, and up to 128k upload (data going out from your computer to another).

As of Jan 1 2004 we have suspended contracts of different lengths of service for our broadband. However, if you choose to cancel your service prior to the end of three years, you will be responsible for paying the difference in the actual cost of the installation (which will be determined in advance of the installation) and $200. Example: If the actual cost of parts and labor for your installation is $325.00, you would be responsible for paying $125.00 if you were to cancel your service prior to the end of three years. This will remain a requirement. However all installation prices are fixed at $200.00, and monthly useage prices are $35.95. You will be required to sign a service agreement which will stipulate the actual cost of the equipment and the date the agreement begins and ends.

You do NOT have to pay for a year in advance! However if you do, you will receive an extra month FREE!

In addition to this, we scan all email and attachments for viruses at no extra charge. We also block much of the spam coming into our mailserver so you will not be inundated with junk mail.

Important Note: Installation charges do not include extra mounting hardware (rarely if ever necessary). Installation costs may vary based on location, but at no time will any costs over and above Loganet's actual cost for installation be added to the install charges to customers. It is extremely rare that installation cost will exceed $200.00, and you will be notified prior to the installation should the cost be higher than $200.

While these prices may at first glance seem higher than what you are used to, when broken down and analyzed you are able to see the considerable value and advantage in using this service.

Let's look at two examples....

Example One:
A residential customer that has a second phone line for their Internet use pays about $20.00 per month to the phone company for that line, and about $18.00 per month for their Internet service. This is for (if you have a good phone line) 48k connection speeds - for a total of $38.00 per month for the extra phone line plus Internet service.

If you use broadband from Loganet, you will have at least six to twelve times the speed of dialup, but will actually pay less per month than you are now!

Example two:
Businesses will realize even greater savings. Currently, business phone lines are roughly $55.00 per month and climbing. Add $18.00 to that for Internet service and you're paying at $73.00 per month. So, for a $37.00 per month DECREASE you are looking at getting more than six times the bandwidth! And you can network as many PCs together as you like and still pay only $35.95! For businesses with mutiple phone lines connected to multiple computers using dialup, your annual savings could be over $1000.00 (one thousand dollars)!

Cheri and I are very-much looking forward to providing Logan and Magnolia, Dunlap, and the surrounding areas with fast, reliable broadband Internet service while continuing to provide the unsurpassed level of customer service that has for years made Loganet the premier Internet service provider in Harrison county. When you choose Loganet, you benefit from using a locally-owned, family-owned Internet service provider. No one else in Harrison County offers you the quality of service you've come to expect from Loganet, and no other company cares more about its customers.

Not in the past. Not now. And not ever.

And you have our word on that.

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